Privacy Impact Assessments by MPC

Verify™ PIA is Canada's Best Source for Privacy Impact Assessments

Why Choose Verify™ PIA?

For over two decades, Canadian organizations have leveraged the Verify™ PIA methodology to establish trust by establishing legitimacy, compliance and privacy. From start-ups to enterprises, Verify™ Privacy Risk Assessments remain Canada's most flexible trustmark for building credibility.

Systematic Analysis

Canadian organizations require privacy impact assessments at the technology, process and company levels. MPC provides systematic support for completing PIAs at scale.

Trusted Attestation

Qualifying organizations gain the unique advantage of our Verify™ PIA Statement of Trust, professional attestation. The Verify™ PIA SoT is the only document you need to present & share.

Privacy Dashboard

Verify™ clients receive year-round support, on-demand, through the MPC PrivacyDash™. The customized platform includes privacy policies, standards, training and educational documents.